Park Towers

​​The three Park Towers are adapted to its low scale neighborhood with integrating surrounding facade heights and architectural expression into its design.​

The Park Towers are designed with two integrated scales. The human scale at the towers’ base reflect the small scale environment of the row houses complex they are located in, while the much larger scale of the overall urban area, Oerestad, is reflected in the upper part of the towers.

The local neighbourhood, Park Kvarteret, is planned to embrace urban activities at eye level height to encourage a new street life, making playfulness and social communities among residents the nave of an attractive everyday life.

The Park Towers play along with this vision by integrating variation and diversity into its architecture.

Balconies, materials and facade expressions separate top and bottom, almost as if they where from two different buildings. While the base part of the towers is heavy and tactile, the upper part is light and airy.

High quality brick varies the expression of the base with different colours and surface treatments.

Name: Park Towers
Type: Commision
Program: Residential
Client: CPH Invest
Size: 7.800 m²
Location: Copenhagen DK
Year: 2017
Collaborators: Holscher Norberg
Image credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj
Team: Martin Krogh, Camilla Klingenberg, Jacob Eggen, Jens Peter Nielsen