Fliegerhorst Masterplan L

1st prize

ADEPTs masterplan proposal for a future transformation of the 192 ha Airbase Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich has been declared winner of the competition.

Honoured 1st prize by an a unanimous jury for a proposal that aims to keep as much of the existing building volume as possible, we are looking very much forward to continue the development of Fürstenfeldbruck Airbase, transforming it into a varied and green neighbourhood.

Shaped the region north-west of Munich for almost 100 years, Airbase Fürstenfeldbruck has served an airbase for the Wehrmacht, the US Army, the US Air Force and the Luftwaffe. When the military leave the premises in a few years, history, architectural heritage, and surrounding landscape will be the main source of identity, turning the 192 ha site into an ambitious and experimental urban area.

Take a look at the winning proposal here: https://adept.dk/project/airba...