The Inner Harbor of Oskarshamn is an attractive urban area by the sea with a great variation in scale and resident groups. The bay is embracing the city with a mix of living, business and an active everyday life.​​

Oskarshamn has its origin by the seaside. Over time, the city’s relation to the sea has slowly disappeared as the harbor area was expanded on artificial landfills. Remaining, at the very edge of the city, is the inner harbor with its unique potential for developing amazing urban areas close to the water, green attractors and a maritime life.

During the last century, housing, small industries and public spaces have gradually been drawn away from the sea while the industrial harbour has grown and paved the coastline for harbour activities. The masterplan suggests to re-transform the harbour area into an urban neighbourhood by projecting a trace of the original coastline around the bay. The trace marks the transition that relinks the city to the water through development of both urban fabric and new public spaces.

The masterplan rests on two main ideas:
The first integrates the trace of history, while the other establishes an active loop that enhances the contemporary coastline. Overlaying the two traces add a modern layer while emphasizing history in the urban structure. Integrating the character of well-known city typologies, the overlaying structure of the bay connects to the city - mentally, historically and physically.

There is an amazing potential in letting Oskarshamn grow to embrace the entire bay. The historic trace is the conceptual backbone of the entire plan that drawns a new line of contemporary tidal protection.

This new, yet old coast line establishes a clear structure of public spaces and creates a series of active destinations along the bay.

First phase is the loop that connects the movements from the City Park to the active destinations and back again. Second phase is to connect the different neighbourhoods around the bay by extension of the promenade. Last phase includes a more extensive building development. Oskarshamn 2050 is envisioned with well-established connections between development areas and their surroundings through a pearlstring of public spaces encircling the bay in one grand loop.

Name: Oskarshamn
Type: Invited parallel competition - selected for further process
Program: Urbanism
Client: Oskarshamn Municipality
Size: 32 ha
Location: Oskarshamn SE
Year: 2013 - 2016
Collaborators: Mandaworks
Image credits: ADEPT, Mandaworks
Team: Martin Laursen, Martin Krogh, Anders Lonka, Jens Peter Nielsen, Fanny Lenoble