The Måløv Axis

Måløv Axis and the adjacent public spaces is a visionary urban project that seek to underline the lively Måløv character by bringing it closer to the surrounding landscape.

The movement trough the axis – beyond being easy accessible and safe for everyone – provides a spatial story relating to the distinctive character of Måløv while creating an urban experience. The main idea draws from the local landscape context. The landscape typology is a characteristic moraine landscape shaped from the impact of the glacial period. 

The glaciers have left a rolling landscape with kept ice holes, valleys and plains. A beautiful and recreational landscape accessible from north via Måløv Nature park and from south via Søndergaard lake and the Måløv wedge. As a result the Måløv axis will appear as a fluent landscape building on the great historical values in the landscape. 

The Måløv Axix creaes a vibrant area full of city life and natural environments, rich on experiences, interesting and safe for everyone. A new connecting urban space in the city intertwining existing and new values.

The Måløv axis was awarded the Danish Landscape Award 2010 as well as the Ballerup Municipality Building Award 2011.

Name: The Måløv Axis
Type: Invited competition 1st prize
Program: Public space
Client: Ballerup Municipality, Realdania
Size: 15.000 m²
Location: Måløv DK
Year: 2008 - 2011
Collaborators: LiW Planning, Søren Jensen
Image credits: Enok Holsegaard, Kaare Viemose, ADEPT
Awards: Danish Landscape Award 2010 + Ballerup Municipality Building Award 2011
Team: Martin Krogh, Anders Lonka, Martin Laursen, Kurt Øhlenschlæger, Morten Dam Feddersen