Sky Village

The vision of a new tower in Rødovre, the periphery of Copenhagen, raises the issue of what kind of tower should be added to the skyline.

Can a new tower profile criticize and improve the somewhat commercial and hollow architectural and iconic developments of the last years, while actually creating more urban quality in a neighbourhood ?

By designing a tower that is basically a grid structure with a minimal pixel size, any configuration can be imagined and filled in. 

The grid-size of 7.8 x 7.8 m combines a good parking grid, a proper small housing unit and a well functioning office type. The pixel-units can be joined together to form larger spaces that accommodate larger apartments etc.

The design for Sky Village combines the character of the surrounding low-rise housing estates with the strong appearance of the blocks next to the main street. The shape of the tower volume minimizes the impact of shadows to the surrounding houses without blocking the views on ground level. A vertical village thus comes alive. 

A village in the sky …

The pixels form a sustainable structure  - a vertical, pixilated ‘rock’ of unit types; a character-full volume that goes beyond the form-driven iconic exercises of the last years. It relates to the spires of the old city center, yes. But it also relates to nature or a beautiful cloud.

The pixelated elipse shape frees the existing plaza for public use, it creates muliple gardens in the sky and panoramic views of Copenhagen skyline. The form of the tower also creates great programmatic flexibility as well adapting to the changing ecomomic market.

Name: Sky Village
Type: Invited international competition 1st prize
Program: Mixed use highrise
Client: Rødovre Municipality
Size: 22.000 m²
Location: Rødovre DK
Year: 2008
Collaborators: MVRDV, Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniører, ABT Velp
Image credits: ADEPT + MVRDV
Team: Martin Krogh, Anders Lonka, Martin Laursen, Morten Dam Feddersen, Kurt Øhlenschlæger