The Heath

'The Heath' in Gothenburg offers public space for both organized and unorganiazed activities - from football fields and skate ramps, to hopscotch squares ​and small pockets of piece and quiet - as an embracing urban area in the center of the city.

The development of the Heath is to be an attractive public space in a diverse urban context. One that both maintains the historic character of the city while at the same time embraces the close past in a dense and modern urban fabric. 

The Heath is preserved and emphasized as an important and defined urban space in the city - quite simply a surface divided into differentiated zones, each with a clearly defined physical activity. In addition to this, the design underlines the landscape features with green fields of grasses, flowers and wild vegetation, that express the natural historic habitat: the heath typology. The Heath is as much a naturally created piece of nature in the city, as it is a designed and artificial urban landscape.

Below the surface of the Heath is a large parking structure adressed at both the public and the residents in the area. The parking structure is partly incuded in the urban space instead of merely serving as a seperate function solving an infrastructural challenge. At the same time, the parking strategy solves flow issues and security for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Name: The Heath
Type: Invited parallel competition
Program: Urbanism
Client: Gothenburg Municipality
Size: 12 ha
Location: Gothenburg SE
Year: 2013
Collaborators: Tyréns, CIA, Kragh & Berglund, AIM / Kristoffer Nilsson
Image credits: ADEPT, Doug and Wolf
Team: Martin Laursen, Martin Krogh, Anders Lonka, Jens Peter Nielsen, Tatyana Eneva, Eric Ye, Anne-Ragnhild Larsen