Asker Center

Asker is a popular suburb to Norway’s fast-growing capital, Oslo. Developing active urban space to accommodate residents and visitors, the city centre of Asker integrates with the green recreational area west of the centre.

'Dense city, open park and sports enthusiasm' is the vision for Asker’s future, a city densified by housing, retail, services and culture, while expanding to entail larger public parks, plazas and squares for recreational activities. The local area for sports and activities will be inscribed in the urban context of Asker.

A new loop links city and recreational areas by adding new active route for pedestrians and cyclists to the existing structure of the city centre. The defined loop connects the old and new city areas through urban leisure and active communities. 

New parks, plazas and squares integrate with the station area, culture house and commercial facilities providing easy orientation and accessibility to and in the public areas.

The existing and outdated central activity plaza is dispersed make space for expanding the city centre with new urban spaces for a wider spectrum of recreational activities and social arenas. Here one finds street basket ball, skating, ice hockey, and more. The loop even offers an intimate scale with quiet zones for informal meetings and local get-togethers. 

The local plan was approved by the municipality in May 2017 and development will continue shortly.

Name: Asker Center
Type: Invited international competition 1st prize
Program: Urbanism
Client: Asker Municipality
Size: 25 ha
Location: Asker NO
Year: 2011-2014
Collaborators: DARK, Bygganalyse, Esbensen, Rambøll, ACT
Image credits: ADEPT, DARK
Status: Approved May 2017
Team: Anders Lonka, Martin Krogh, Martin Laursen, Tatyana Eneva, Jens Peter Nielsen, Anne Ragnhild,